2020 Wrap Up

My 2020, was not what I expected like many of us. I started this year naive with hopes and goals, to have them all go out the window in March. 2020 was hard, but it was also healing for me. When the pandemic happened and we were forced to shelter in place, I realized that I could freak out or I could try to be as intentional with my time. So I chose the latter, and wanted to be as intentional with my time with God, family, friends, work and myself. Through that, I was able to find healing from past trauma, find freedom from certain strongholds that I didn’t realize I was holding on to, and was able to process and be open with people about social issues that I was struggling with as a Christian.

Here are my top 10 highlights from this year:

  1. I am in good health.
  2. My family is in good health.
  3. I still have a job.
  4. I was able to buy a car.
  5. I got to spend a week with my best friend .
  6. Road trip from Fresno to DC. (We were VERY CAREFUL)
  7. I got to share my experience with racial tensions I have face through Be The Bridge book club.
  8. Life group & Foundations group.
  9. I was able to take more day trips to the coast and mountains.
  10. I found my people this year and built a community I needed.

Not everything was good. There were hard moments this year.

Here are a few of those hard moments this year.

  1. Celebrating my 40th birthday without my community.
  2. Social Distancing from family.
  3. Car breaking down.
  4. George Floyd.
  5. The multiple hard conversations regarding COVID, Racism, Presidency.
  6. Realizing that I am afraid of rejection and that keeps me from doing certain things.
  7. I lamented that I am not where I thought I would be at 40 and had to learn to dream new dreams.
  8. Not being able to travel overseas to see friends.
  9. Seeing the Christian community being so divided over different issues.
  10. Seeing the country so divided over simple humanity needs. We truly are a “I”/”Me First” country.

2020 is not a year I want to relive again. I miss the simple things like having dinner with friends in a restaurant, spending hours at a coffee shop, hugs, going to church and celebrating events with friends. I am not sure what 2021 holds, but I am glad to say Good-Bye to 2020!

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