Good-Bye Social Media

2019 was a HARD year for me! There was a lot going on in my life last year. I took two vacations to regroup, spend time with God and just find healing. I spent a lot of time praying, sharing with my friends and listening to God. While I was on Costa Rica on vacation, I decided not to be on social media for the 10 days that I would be there.

What I found was that I was more happy in Costa Rica and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until I came home, that I figured it out. In Costa Rica, I wasn’t consumed with my phone and letting social media show me how people were doing. I wasn’t bummed because people went out and didn’t invite me or that another friend got engaged. Instead, I was happy in Costa Rica, because I was spending time with people and not my phone. I was hearing what was going on in my friends life. I didn’t want instagram or Facebook to show me, I wanted to hear it from them how life was going. I wanted to know the good times, the bad times and how I can be praying for them. I wanted them to know that they matter to me and hoped that I mattered to them!

I didn’t care about how many like’s I got from a post or how many people saw my story. I wanted my friends to know me for me and not what I was showing them. So one day, I just stopped using instagram and facebook. I delete the Facebook app, I moved my instagram app to another folder that I don’t use. And I just stopped using them.

While Covid-19 happened, shelter in place happened and I went back on social media. I thought it would be good to use to see how my friends and family were doing since I couldn’t see them. I soon realized how toxic social media had become. I kept seeing a lot of what people wanted and not enough of what God wanted. I saw hate, anger, racism, and pride on people’s post, people who are Christians, people that I know. And all I could think was, where is God? You post this, but where is God in it? Where is God’s truth? Not your truth but God’s? So I had a decision to make, do I get angry and frustrated with them or do I get off social media again to save the friendship/relationship with people. Because really, what good is it to argue on Instagram? I would rather talk with people and understand their view, even if I don’t agree with it. So I am off social media again!

What I have found is that I am happier. I have more free time to spend with God, be with my friends and ministry. I spend time with people who want to know me and not the instagram me. I am more intentional with my time and I like my privacy. I don’t need to share everything with everyone. I want my experiences to be shared with those who are there with me, not the world. I don’t miss instagram or FB at all. I am not sure how long I will be off of it, but for now, I am good not having it.

Until next time!

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