Where I Am Now With Anxiety

** You can read my previous post on my struggles with anxiety**

It been 2 years since I commence from my recovery program Regen. I reflect back and I can see how far God has healed me from my anxiety. I am not were I used to be.

I learned I become more anxious in big social gatherings, going to places I have never been to, and with I am tired. I also have learned that people drain me and that I need to recharge in solitude. Knowing all this has helped me to know when to spend time alone, so I can be my best self at a friend’s wedding or birthday party.

I have my safe people that I go to events with, they help me to stay calm when I start to feel the anxiousness creep in. I also talk to God more. I talk to Him about why I am feeling anxious, I ask for His peace to fill my anxious heart and I lay down my worries for Him to take.

I am big on self care, because I have learned that if you don’t care of yourself, no one else will. So I say no to more things to make sure I am the best version of me for God, my family, friends and for my job.

It is not always easy, and there are seasons in my life where anxiety wins over God’s peace. But I have learned it is a day to day battle.


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